Console Pioneer XDJ - RX2

Pioneer XDJ – RX2 +
 Active Speaker Yamaha 12-15″

Sound Rental Mykonos

Sound Package Includes

Pioneer XDJ-RX2. Sound rental Mykonos

Console Pioneer XDJ - RX2


Two Speaker Yamaha DBR 12 Power music 2100 watt RMS


Two Stands


include Delivery and Setup


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Speakers Bluetooth Rental. Sound Package 1.

Speakers Rental Mykonos

Two Active Speaker  Yamaha 12" with Power 1050 Watt RMS include Bluetooth Receiver

Party of 4 to 30 people with 2100 Watt RMS Total Power.


Pioneer XDJ-RX2. Sound rental Mykonos

DJ set Pioneer XDJ-RX2. Sound package 2a.

Sound Rental Package for DJ

Console Pioneer XDJ-RX2 and two active Speaker Yamaha DBR 12-15" 1050 Watt rms

Party of 4 to 30 people with 2100 Watt Total Power

sound rental mykonos pioneer XDJ XZ

DJ Equipment Pioneer XDJ - XZ. DJ Equipment. Sound Package 2b

Audio Hire Mykonos Villas

Pioneer XDJ-XZ and two active Speaker Yamaha DBR 12"-15"

Party of 5 to 30 people with 2500 Watt RMS Total Power.

Old Fashion DJ. Pioneer CDJ400 Sound Package 3

Mykonos Sound

DJ set Pioneer CDJ400 + 4 Speakers 12"-15" Yamaha - 1 Amplifier - 1 Compressor - 4ch mixer Numark or Vestax

Party of 50 to 60 people with 2000 Watt  Total Power

Pioneer XDJ-RX2 + 4 speakers. Sound Rental Package 4

Sound rental Equipment Mykonos

Include: Pioneer XDJ-RX2   4 Speaker Yamaha 12"-15" +1 Amplifier + 1 compressor +

Party of 50 to 100 people with 2000 Watt Total Power

Pioneer CDJ-2000nx2. Sound rental package 5

Professional DJ Equipment for rental in Mykonos

Include:  Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS   6 speaker 12-15" + 1 pbx compressor  2 Amplifier + 1 Sub Woofer+  + 4ch mixer

Party of 80 to 100 people with 3000 Watt  Total Power

Wedding or Live music equipment in Mykonos. Wedding equipment Package 1

Wedding sound equipment in Mykonos

Include: 2 Active Speaker Yamaha + 2 Microphone +1 Console Yamaha

Wedding sound equipment. Package 2

Wedding Party planner in Mykonos and Dj equipment.

One Microphone Console Yamaha MG166 CX4 Speaker 12-15" + Microphones + Stands + Amplifier

Lights Effect Packages

Strobo color Lights + Lounge Laser


Include: Two Spot color Lights +1 Lounge laser Effect



Two Moving Heads + Two Spot Color lights + Lounge Laser + Smoke machine

Full trass Light Setup


Include: 4 Moving Head + 4 Spot Pars strobo Led light +Lounge laser + Smoke machine + Moving bars + Black lights


Wedding Lighting Decoration.






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